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Quick Take: Key Takeaways from Ron Rivera and Kyle Smith's first draft together

There were a few takeaways I had from the first draft of the Kyle Smith/Ron Rivera era:

One, Rivera likes a certain type of player with a certain type of attitude.

Two, he does not care who was on the Redskins’ roster previously, and he has no problems drafting to replace players.

Three, he and Kyle Smith are on the same page and share a similar vision as to the direction this team wants to go in personnel wise.

I didn’t necessarily agree with where every selection was made or even who was picked, but at no point was I “confused” or “incredulous”. The one head scratch pick I thought was Antonio Gibson in the third because I believed he would have still been on the board in the fourth. Nevertheless, I believe Rivera expects these kids to come in, compete hard, and push the layovers from Redskins’ past.

Overall, I am confident and encouraged that Rivera knows exactly how he will maximize the players he selected. He clearly has a vision; that’s encouraging. He has the support of the front office. That too is encouraging. What will be interesting to see is how they build the team chemistry going forward, and how they move the chess pieces around to get the production they are hoping for.

The future is what the draft is all about. It’s about laying the foundation for sustained success. Only time will tell if this is the beginning of a great relationship for years to come between Rivera and Kyle Smith.

Well, actually winning tells you in the NFL. Nevertheless, Redskins’ fans should be optimistic and intrigued by what the future holds for their franchise. As you were…

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