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Remembering Ronda "Ro" Washington

October 24, 2022 4:44pm…..

Ronda “Ro” Washington my dear and loyal friend, sister, and CWall team hairstylist went to rest with the Lord. For 12 years, Ro took amazing care of my natural hair and styled my hair the way I asked each time. Ro and I have had our share of FUN before CWall was established in 2017 and after.

Ro and I after she did my hair....

We frequented all the local spots to hear some of our favorite bands, joke around with our friends, and grab a good meal. When we were together, it was going to be a good amount of liveliness because that’s just who she was in every environment she was in. The time I spent with her before the business when she was doing my hair was comical, just like any other time. She often educated me on hair care and products, sharing some new tips and tools she learned. Not to mention I was always going to get a good meal because sis could BURN in the kitchen! Every meal was perfect.

Ro was a HUGE Washington fan!

Then I remember coming back from Super Bowl 51 in February 2017 and telling her I wanted to start CWall Sports & Entertainment. At first, she looked sad. I couldn’t figure out why. I asked her what was wrong and the conversation went like this…

Ro: “Corn (because she often called me Corn short for Candi Corn or she called me Yamcakes) you not going to want me to do your hair any more. You going to leave and find someone else now.

Me: “Ronda Ro Runna (because that was my name for her) I’m telling you because I want you on this journey with me. I’m not letting anyone else touch my hair!”

Ro and Annette at the first CWall team Holiday party in the infamous garage.

The entire mood changed. She was SO happy! She said girl I thought you were going to tell me that you were leaving me. I let her know then I could never leave her…..

From that moment on, our sisterhood grew even stronger. Ro’s place was no longer just where she did my hair. It became an oasis.

A place of comfort.



Ro just chilling in her CWall gear.

For just a few hours, I could be away from the grind. Away from the 24/7 sports news cycle and just be. We talked about how our families were doing, businesses, dreams, and aspirations. I could relax, get that amazing meal, good glass of wine, listen to music, or watch TV. Ro made sure I was good. And if you’re reading this and you knew her, I am sure she made sure you were good too. She always made sure everybody was good.

Ro said: "Yamcakes is that your name on your leggings all shiny like that? (((PISTOLS))) where can I get a pair?"

Oh and CWall…Ronda Ro Runna LOVED herself some CWall. I am not talking about just me personally, I am talking about the entire concept. Most importantly, she loved every single member of the CWall team and was proud to be a part of the dream. Every time she came to an event, she couldn’t wait to see everyone and everyone felt the same about her. She was one of the first people I shared the news with about becoming the Managing Editor/Publisher of the Fan Nation SI site. Her reaction was PRICELESS. It was full of joy, hope, excitement. All the things you want a friend and teammate to do and say, she did it and she said it.

Ro taking selfies at the CWall 5th anniversary and Foundation launch with some of the CWall team.

Over the last month, Ro and I talked a lot. We would mostly save conversation for my regular hair appointments, but this past month was different. I figured it was because of the increased CWall visibility. Now I know it wasn’t because of that. Ro and I told each other we loved each other often. MANY days if it were not for her, I would not have had the confidence to move forward in the business. While I am in an abundance of pain because Ronda is no longer here in human form, I have to trust God’s decision. CWall’s loss and my personal loss, is Heaven’s gain.

Please keep the family and friends of Ronda “Ro” Washington in prayer. We all miss her dearly.


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