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Today is the Last Day of Another Losing Season for the Redskins and Fans Want Bruce Allen Gone

Today is the last game of the 2019 football season.

I’m not sure who is the happiest about it; the players, the fans, the coaches, Dan Snyder, or the FedEx Field clean-up crew.

One thing is for certain, there is a minimal amount of positive energy to take away from this season as of right now. That is unless the Redskins are able to save face by getting an unprecedented victory over the Dallas Cowboys in their stadium. The Dallas Cowboys come into this week’s game for the most part healthy on both sides of the football with the exception of a couple of banged up starters. Contrarily, the Redskins currently have shut down half of their roster. Normally, Redskin fans are yelling “We want Dallas” leading up to kickoff, but the only thing I have been hearing this week is “FIRE BRUCE ALLEN”.

Let’s be realistic. What exactly has Bruce Allen accomplished during his tenure? He was supposed to bring the Allen winning attitude back to the Redskin franchise. That hasn’t happened as they are 62-95-1 under his leadership. He was supposed to spearhead the building of a new stadium for the Redskins. That hasn’t happened. He was supposed to improve the gameday experience for the fans. All that he has done is gotten worse and the stadium more empty. In order for Dan Snyder and the Redskin organization to get the big picture:

BRUCE ALLEN NEEDS TO BE GONE. He does not need to be reassigned, demoted, or even allowed to step down. He needs to be removed from his position within the franchise and a COMPLETE overhaul of the front office needs to commence. This move should have been made weeks ago when Gruden was removed from his position as head coach.

It has been reported by numerous sources that Dan Snyder will be removing Allen from his position as President of Football Operations and he will assume some other role within the franchise. If Snyder keeps Bruce Allen attached to this franchise after the amount of damage they have caused together over the last ten years, there is no other conclusion than he actually does not care about winning and he does not care about the fans. The fans need a positive message sent to them. The free agent players and coaches need a positive message sent to them. If he keeps Bruce around, it gives the idea that nothing has changed. You just put cologne on top of dirty clothing. You just used mouthwash and never brushed your teeth.

I try to stay as neutral as possible and just state facts, but in this situation, I believe the fans need a voice.

The fans are sick of the same nonsense Daniel Snyder. They are sick of being looked in the eye and lied to and told “you care about winning” when the decisions you make don’t correlate what winning franchises do.

You are yet to come out and address the fans and give them a “State of the Redskins” which needs to happen.

You are yet to make some of the changes in the game day experience that fans continually complain about.

You are yet to hold people responsible for their lack of production, yet you reward mediocrity.

Jay Gruden compiled a 21-26-1 record his first three seasons as Redskins’ head coach. Instead of allowing him to coach his last year of his contract out, Dan Snyder and Redskins’ management extended his contract for two more years. Rewarding mediocrity.

Bruce Allen was hired as Executive Vice President of Football Operations in 2010 and was promoted to President of Football Operations in 2014 after only making the playoffs in 2012. Rewarding mediocrity.

So Dan Snyder, if you care about this city...if you care about these fans...if you care about this culture and the “Redskin” name and what it means, FIRE BRUCE ALLEN. Trust me, he will be just fine. He will have no problems surviving. I guarantee if this transpires, and you bring in a competent football mind to lead this operation, this fanbase will be rejuvenated. The Redskins are losing this city. Get it back Dan Snyder. It’s your duty and your responsibility. You can’t do it, or don’t want to assume that responsibility, SELL THE TEAM. That said, I still have faith in you, and that you will turn this franchise back around. This off season is going to tell everyone paying attention exactly how you value this team. Don’t let the fans down. As you were...

Photo Credit: Clutch Points

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