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NFL Weeks 5 & 6 in the history books!

Hey there!

It's been two weeks since I engaged in writing about the NFL season. I figured I would digest what I was seeing around the league to make sure it was real or not.

Here's what I gather from the last two weeks. This is a long one since it's covering two weeks.

Tampa Bay can't seem to catch a break. The last two weeks have resulted in two straight losses for them. Field goals (or lack thereof) may have been the difference versus the Patriots and yesterday they got beat by the "old" guys. There's still alot of potential there but they aren't quite off to the start that everyone initially anticipated.

Speaking of the "old" guys. The Arizona Cardinals are FINALLY looking like they are a solid team. I think the addition of Adrian Peterson is giving them exactly what they need on offense. Peterson certainly let the world know he still got it in Week 6. Not certain if the Saints just didn't know how to use him but Bruce Arians sure does! Larry Fitzgerald. Just wow. As I've said before, every team needs a Larry Fitzgerald. So dependable and just makes a play every time the ball touches his hands. I think he's awesome.

Now about the Saints. I can't figure them out. Well let's just say we all know that Drew Brees is still Drew Brees. However, the defense is catching up to the offense's level of play. I think it's terrific! I certainly wasn't expecting them to put up 52 points on the Lions in Week 6 but they did.

The Detroit Lions have dealt with a couple of tough losses. However, I still got hope for them. Boy is that Matt Stafford a tough one! It's hard not to root for a team when you see their leader taking shots like the one he took in game yesterday. Honestly, Stafford is always taking a licking but keeps on ticking. Kudos to him to showing a high level of leadership week after week.

I would like to say again "Welcome back, Cam!" The Panthers came up short against the Eagles (definitely will talk about them in a moment) but I think Cam is back in his stride. I really like Christian McCaffrey. Coming out of school sometimes you just never know how these guys will perform on the professional stage. I think he's doing great and the Panthers have a solid RB in him.

The doggone Philadelphia Eagles look GOOD. They don't have a bye week until week 10 so I am anxious to see if they can keep this up. I recall the Eagles always looking good until their bye week. After their bye week, it would be downhill. But if they keep this up until their bye and then They look strong on both sides of the ball and Carson Wentz is playing in a phenomenal manner right now. The Eagles also have some of the best touchdown celebrations I've seen so far this season. Just saying.

Ok. I have two words for this talking point. Leonard Fournette. OMG! That guy is super fast! I seriously hope he is ok because I just love to watch him speed down the field. Jacksonville overall looks alot better than I thought they would. They have a pretty awesome secondary. Grant it, in Week 5 Big Ben were giving them gifts (INTs) all game but the Jags played well. They lost in Week 6 but they still did not play bad per se. Oh! Whoever had the Jags defense in fantasy football Week 5, you the real MVP.

Folks. Please do not sleep on the Los Angeles Rams. I can't say enough on what Sean McVay is doing over there. They are good. I feel like they are making a statement about who they are and if nothing else you have to respect them. I like what I see from that squad and am anxious to see how they progress as the season continues.

I can't believe the New York Football Giants beat the Denver Broncos yesterday. I really can't believe the Miami Dolphins beat the Atlanta Falcons! These are two very real examples of any given Sunday. I mean seriously! I don't even have anything to say about either of these games except for I can't believe it. I will also add I am very disappointed in the Atlanta Falcons. No excuses for that loss.

What I can believe is that the Pittsburgh Steelers ended the Kansas City Chiefs undefeated season. The Steelers always seem to have the Chiefs number. I am not counting the Chiefs out at all. I think this is just a bad match up for the Chiefs. Now after all that hoopla with Big Ben week 5, Antonio Brown's tantrum the week prior, and now Martavius Bryant wanting to be traded, I was happy to see them beat the Chiefs. Let's not all give up on the Steelers just yet either. Big Ben is still in there somewhere and the Steelers defense kept Kareem Hunt to under 100 yards. They also did a great job containing Alex Smith. Again, just a bad match up for the Chiefs. The 1972 Miami Dolphins record lives on!

Way to go Case Keenum of the Minnesota Vikings! I mean who would've thunk it??!! I know I didn't. He's playing extremely well and the Vikings are definitely looking good.

Seattle was on a bye this week but I must say after Week 5, I think the Legion of Boom is back. We'll see after the return from the bye against the Giants. It should be an easy win for Seattle but I'm sure that's what the Broncos thought last night. Clearly cannot think any team is easy to beat.

I was very sad to see Aaron Rogers go down yesterday. I don't like to see any player go down. Now I will say that I do not believe that it is all over for the Green Bay Packers. Packers fans just hold on to hope! Seriously. No, Brett Hundley did not wow the world yesterday BUT if he's Aaron Rodgers back-up, he's gotta be decent. Everyone just calm down. I think they will be ok. Hundley is in his 3rd year. I'm sure he's learned alot in the shadow of a QB Aaron Rodgers' caliber. The Packers have issues on their O line and with their secondary that still need fixing. Aaron Rodgers won't be there for the game winning drives. Time for the Packers to show up on both sides of the ball.

Congratulations to Tom Brady on 187 regular season wins! As if he needs anything else to prove he's the greatest. Kudos to him!

The Jets are definitely doing better than probably anyone thought. TOUGH loss for them against the Patriots but they should keep fighting. They are all beating the odds this season so they should keep moving forward.

I don't know what to say about the Raiders, Bengals, Bears, or Ravens. The Chargers or the Cowboys. I'm at a loss for words about them too. I just don't know week to week what I'm going to see. This game is so unpredictable. I may have something more solid to say about them later.

Guess I will tune into Monday Night Football and check out the Titans and Colts.

I have a separate blog for the Redskins versus 49ers for you all to check out later.

Until next time....enjoy the rest of your day!

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