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Week 4: Monday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium

It's almost about that time.

This game tonight could solidify the Skins as a team to watch.

The Kansas City Chiefs are mean. Truthfully, they have been for some time. Now, it seems like all of the pieces are fitting perfectly together for them. Alex Smith is playing phenomenal football, the rookie RB Kareem Hunt is a beast plain and simple, Tyreek Hill is FAST, and Travis Kelce is arguably the best TE in the league right now. Then of course there's Andy Reid. Andy Reid is a great coach and I think sometimes people forget that. The Redskins have a tough match-up tonight but make no mistake about it, I think they are well aware of the match-up and will be ready.

No long drawn out stories tonight on what I think the Skins should do to get a win.

- Point blank the defense has to do exactly what they did against the Raiders and then some. The Chiefs are not the Raiders. Right now, the offense is totally in sync. The defensive line needs to keep the ball contained as much as possible with Alex Smith. They have to lock it down early before Hunt even gets a chance to get out. Very similar to what they did to Marshawn Lynch last week. The corners and safeties are going to have a task on their hands. Evidently they play better when they feel insulted so let me insult them real quick. Nobody on the Skins is fast enough to stop Tyreek Hill. There. I said it. Maybe that will have them on their A++ game. Let's see if they take the Chiefs to Flight Marshall school.

- I need Hogs 2.0 to show up and show out! Hold it down for Kirk and the RBs. I was so thoroughly impressed with how well they did last week. Play as a unit. Move together. Block for the guys. They got this.

- Kirk's connectivity with the WRs is critical. I'm going to make a bold prediction that Terrelle Pryor will have his night tonight. Right before the bye week, he will be that piece that we will all say; "Ok, all of these guys are for real". I would greatly appreciate another Josh Doctson sighting, the solid consistency we've seen from Ryan Grant, and Jamison Crowder back to making the big plays we're used to seeing from him.

- The run game has gotta be strong. This goes back to Hogs 2.0 making a way for the guys to get the ball down the field. We have RBs that want to get the ball to the end zone. I hope we see much, much more of that tonight.

- Coaches gotta coach. Point blank. Plain and simple. Andy Reid will be ready as he always is. Time to out coach him. Foresee the need to make adjustments where necessary and stay on top of potential problems. I've already listed a few above. Clock management has been a challenge so this is an opportunity to learn from past mistakes.

- Extra points and field goals are always important. Every point counts. Gotta make all of those tonight.

It's almost GO time under the primetime lights. Another opportunity for the Redskins to show and prove who they really are. Playing in Arrowhead is no joke. Will this game go on the list of big upsets from Week 4?

Until next time...enjoy the rest of your day!

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