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No dancing up in FedEx Field for the Raiders Sunday Night

It's been 48 hours since the Washington Redskins vs Oakland Raiders at FedEx Field for Sunday Night Football. Contrary to what most analysts said, the Redskins came up with the victory! If you recall from my previous blog, I laid out some keys that I thought were critical for the Redskins to come up with the win.

Here's how I think they measured up.

- Overall, the team played almost a perfect game. On special teams, there was the muffed punt return and a fumble on offense. Those were the only two major issues I witnessed. The one thing that stood out to me was the fight in these guys. From beginning to end, both sides of the ball, nobody gave up. The energy level was high, the team was hungry and I saw the camaraderie from the team supporting each other every play. They kept at it. Everyone played their position and then some. I haven't seen that level of intensity and excitement in a long time.

- Kirk Cousins passed for over 400 yards and he even aired it out to Josh Doctson for a TD. Yes. JOSH DOCTSON! I still can't believe it. What an exhilarating moment for Redskins fans! To finally see a Josh Doctson sighting. WOW! Truly a moment we've all been waiting to see.

- Chris Thompson is something special. He just is. He has shown us once again why he deserved that contract, that he truly wants to succeed at this sport, and he certainly loves being a Washington Redskin. Both Samaje Perine and Mack Brown ran with determination out there on the field. The running backs want to get the ball down the field and it shows every time.

- Huge s/o to HOGS 2.0!!!! The offensive line definitely showed they are trying to live by the Hogs creed by their play on Sunday night. The hustle by everyone out there was promising. I want to commend Morgan Moses for having one of the hardest jobs out there, to contain Khalil Mack. Other than the sack on Cousins, Moses certainly held his own. Again, the hustle of the O-line was great. Seeing Spencer Long sprint down the field alongside Chris Thompson made me want to get back in the gym like...NOW! Too bad Long didn't have anyone to hit on that play.

- I have a question. WHO LET THE DOGS OUT???!!! The Redskins defense. MAJOR!!!! Who knew they were mad all week about the trash talking from the Raiders WR???? They all just came out there and fought. A dog fight. And the Redskins won baby. They were not playing with the silver and black on Sunday night at all! S/o to the young players making the Raiders make mistakes!! Come through Montae Nicholson, Kendall Fuller, Preston Smith! I mean...what did they eat for breakfast Sunday morning?! Whereever the ball was they were! Much love to the vets that continue to show folks how it's done. Josh Norman, Ryan Kerrigan, and DJ Swearinger. Oh. About DJ Swearinger......

- DJ Swearinger. I don't think I can effectively put into words what this guy is bringing to the defense and the Redskins overall. He is so ready. It's just beautiful to see how he ignites the field and his teammates. He's full throttle from beginning to end every day. Just like negative energy transcends, as does positive. Swearinger is an example of that positive. I'm just glad the Redskins got him. Seriously.

- The Redskins had key players out on Sunday night. Rob Kelley, Jordan Reed, and Mason Foster. The Redskins proved just how solid the depth chart is for this team. It's not that these guys weren't missed. We NEED them. But what this is showing is the term "next man up" is a real thing in Washington this season. The next man is always ready to hold his team down in a battle. That's what these guys proved they can and will do for their team.

- Coaching. Again, it was almost a perfect play calling day for the Redskins. Jack Del Rio's team didn't know what the HAIL hit them on Sunday night. It was so obvious. Del Rio was in shock, Derek Carr didn't know what he was looking at when he was looking in the eyes of the burgundy and gold, Beastmode was NOT dancing on Sunday night. Kudos to the coaching staff for directing this team in the way necessary to send Oakland back on a long plane ride home.

I will leave you all with this....

The last time the Redskins allowed for the opposing team to go under 100 passing yards was September 30, 1991. Do you know what year that was?

Think about it.

Until next time....enjoy the rest of your day!

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