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Week 3 Sunday Night Football!!!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Sunday so far.

Honestly, with all of the political controversy in the sports world right now, I was a bit distracted most of today. However, I was able to catch most of the games and WOW! If the 1pm games are any indication of what the remaining games will be like, I'm excited about tonight. I do feel better about this game than last week's game.

Here's some overall thoughts that I think are critical for the Redskins vs Raiders game.

- The defense has to be aggressive and make plays for all 4 quarters. Come out of the tunnel blazing! The Skins sometimes have a tendency to warm up late but they cannot do that tonight. The Raiders offense is one of the best in the league (4th in total offense to date) and rarely makes mistakes. The Redskins have to make them make a mistake. They have to look for opportunities to get these guys 3 and out often. Derek Carr has no problems getting his offense down the field. The addition of Marshawn Lynch makes it seem as though it is even easier for him to make big plays. I expect the defensive line to be overly prepared for Beastmode. The Raiders are tough and they are not scared. They will be ready and the Redskins need to be as well.

- The Redskins secondary needs it own bullet point. What a matchup for our Safeties and Corners tonight! This is what it is all about right here! Raiders WRs are amazing and we all know that. BUT we must not forget, there are some goons in the Redskins secondary! The goon squad must be ready back there. No more hurdles being jumped over them! Not up in FedEx! Not tonight! I say all of that but the Skins also cannot afford costly penalties. Just play great football and limit the penalties.

- The Redskins need Kirk "Lights Out" Cousins tonight. I am anticipating a big night from our receiving corp. Terrelle Pryor has already proclaimed that his dominant season starts tonight. Well, GOOD. I want to see it! The team needs it! Against one of his former teams, the Skins need TP to bring that fire and drive to the field. It must start tonight. Josh Doctson has to be on the field. He's not on the injury report so let's get that man the ball. The connection between Cousins and our receivers has to be solid tonight. If we can make this connection happen, I have the receivers making a huge difference tonight.

- I expect to see a strong run game. We've seen some tremendous bright spots so far this season and we need to continue that force tonight. I like Mack Brown so I am assuming he will get more reps tonight if Rob Kelley is out. Chris Thompson will keep proving he's a phenomenal and I think Samaje Perine will continue to get comfortable a show us a bit more this evening. Khalil Mack will be leading the Raiders defense and he certainly cannot be forgotten. Our offensive line needs to protect Cousins and the RBs as much as possible for them to get past Mack.

- All I have to say about special teams is just be ready to make a play. Don't miss an opportunity to do something major out there!

It's almost about that time. We've seen some upsets across the league today and tonight can be yet another one if the Redskins come up with the win. It's GO TIME! Let's see what happens.

Until next time....enjoy the rest of your day!

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