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NFL Week 2: Surprised or Not Surprised

When I'm watching the games at home, I can sometimes catch all of them. Or at least catch most of them. I tend to make note of things that I am really shocked by or just things I don't want to forget. I've split them up into two lists (if you haven't noticed, I love lists):

Here's what I was totally surprised about in Week 2.

I feel like using dashes instead of numbers today for these lists.

- The Eagles vs Chiefs game was closer than I expected. The last couple of years the Eagles start out very strong so I did not anticipate a blowout BUT I always want Andy Reid to take it to his former team. The Chiefs had such an impressive Week 1 game vs the Patriots so I thought this would be an easy win for them. It wasn't that easy; definitely great effort by the Eagles.

- The Bengals have not scored a touchdown yet. That is very surprising to me. I don't have much to say other than I'm shocked. I can't effectively pinpoint what the issue is but sheesh they should have scored a touchdown by now.

- The Broncos had the Cowboys number all day on Sunday. I had the Cowboys winning so I was surprised. Vance Joseph's squad was ready. It was obvious they had it figured out. I wasn't thoroughly impressed by the Broncos defense after their Monday Night Football game vs the Chargers but in Week 2...WHOA! The defense just showed off the entire game. Huge shout-out to Trevor Siemian. I have been side eyeing him since Peyton Manning retired. However, he is looking more and more legit each game. Still giving him the side eye though.

- I'm shocked the Chargers are sticking with their struggling rookie kicker Younghoe Koo. While I'm shocked, I admire it. It's just week 2 and I am so sure this kid is beyond upset that he's missed two critical field goals already this season. Kudos to the coach for riding with him. It will get better for him. I hope.

- I'm surprised watching the Seattle Seahawks play has been so boring. Good grief it's like watching paint dry.

- I had the Falcons winning Sunday Night's NFC Championship rematch, but I did not have the game going down like that. They never let up on the Packers. Ready isn't even the word to describe the Falcons on Sunday night. Looks like they are on a path to redemption from what happened in Super Bowl 51. The stadium looks fabulous by the way. Not surprised, just saying.

- Aaron Rogers scored his 300th TD in the Packers Sunday Night loss. Not surprising that he got to this milestone quicker than other QBs that have 300 (at least) TDs. What I am surprised about is that it wasn't one of those memorable Hail Mary passes. Or that it wasn't a dramatic down to the wire TD that only Aaron Rogers can do. Nonetheless, congratulations to him. He's awesome.

- I'm surprised the Giants are 0-2. If any Giants fans are reading this, I am stating the obvious when I say Eli can't throw the ball AND protect himself from getting hit. He needs some help on that offensive line. The Giants typically warm up as the year goes on so we will see.

So here's what was not at all surprising to me:

- Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. I have no clue why so many people panicked after the Patriots lost to the Chiefs. The Chiefs have beat them before as have other teams so it's not like they are invincible. Folks were writing TB12 off like he was sorry. Nothing to worry about Patriots fans. I think TB12 is just fine. Speaking of the Patriots....

- I am not surprised that there is yet another Patriot WR that I do not know, yet he is catching touchdowns. Who is Rex Burkhead? I read he played for the Bengals but I missed all of that.

- I wasn't fooled by the Jacksonville Jaguars Week 1 win. The Jags I know played in Week 2.

- The Bears put up a fight vs the Falcons in Week 1 but like the Jags, they were back Week 2.

- I am not surprised the 49ers haven't scored a touchdown.

- I am not surprised the Rams did not dismantle my Skins. I heard a few analysts say that the Rams would put up 40. Ummmmm the Skins are not the Colts. While I am shocked the Skins won this game, the Rams definitely weren't going to put up 40.

That's all for today party people.

Until next time....enjoy the rest of your day!

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