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Better than I thought

The Washington Redskins survived Week 2 with a W!!! Can you believe it??? I almost couldn't.

I had braced myself for the worst but hoped for the best. Trust me, I am a very glass half full type of person. However, my nerves certainly got the best of me around 4:15pm ET on Sunday. I was listening to some sports commentators (can't remember who at the moment) and I heard this data point: "Teams that are 0-2 only have a 12% chance of making the playoffs." I instantly thought, why on earth would they tell me that right now?! As if they were talking to me directly. At any rate, I freaked out. Like...seriously?! Now we are in something like a must win situation because if not, we only have a 12% chance of making the freaking playoffs!! Clearly, I am a little more emotionally tied to this team than I would like to admit. I was nervous but they won. WHEW!

I like to try to focus on the good things but today I just want to talk freely about everything I noticed. Full transparency mode with my fellow Skins fans; in no particular order.

1) Terrelle Pryor is still dropping passes. Not sure when that will end. Some argue that he's new to the position hence the dropped passes. I say if you're a receiver, you should be able to catch the ball. I want TP to do well. I can tell that he wants to do well. If he can just catch the ball and haul off to the races to the end zone, we're good.

2) The run game was strong on Sunday! I was super hype about our run game. Very promising. I hated to see Rob Kelley go down but I think Chris Thompson, Samaje Perine, and Mack Brown will effectively hold the fort down. Speaking of Chris Thompson....

3) Chris Thompson may be everybody's favorite Redskin right about now. I know he's mine. Such a great attitude and gosh he's tough! He's starting off the year in excellent fashion. I love it!

4) The team as a unit played all four quarters. Maybe it's me but I'm not used to that with my Skins. The defense really showed off. For a moment, I felt them let off the gas a bit on the Rams offense. Absolutely no shade to Jared Goff, but for a minute I thought my squad was going to have him out there looking like Joe Montana or something. Well...I guess there was some slight shade in my comment. *shrugs* Fortunately, the defense kept the train going. They played angry, aggressive, with a sense of urgency. I could feel it in the first half. They eased up a bit but brought it back. Ryan Kerrigan, Preston Smith, Josh Norman, Zach Brown all had some critical moments in the game that kept the defense overall energized. Even Mason Foster....oh wait....he gets his own talking point.

5) So about Mason Foster. I did say full transparency so let me not sugarcoat anything. I wrote in my notes "I don't think I like Mason Foster." Yeah, I wrote it. Then he goes and catches the game winning INT. Talk about making me eat my words!! GOOD!!! I want to be wrong about these types of things. From last week to this week, I was feeling like he was missing huge opportunities to make an impact we needed. He didn't miss that opportunity on Sunday. Then to add to how wrong I was, he played with a dislocated shoulder?! If I stub my toe, I can't move for 48 hours! One point of criticism that I must share, he should've taken that INT straight to the house!! The Rams would've done it to us. Just saying.

6) I think Sean McVay is going to be extremely successful with the Rams. Huge kudos to him for all that he's done so far. I have a feeling he has what it takes to turn the team around. I shouted him out only because he was the Skins OC.

7) Ryan Grant is still the most consistent WR we have! He just might be the forgotten weapon in our receiving corp. Very humble and just does what he is supposed to do. It is starting to be abundantly clear, he knows this offense and has been studying. More to come from him I'm sure.

8) Did anyone else see the hug between Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins after the game winning TD? It was like a huge sigh of relief. I felt that!

9) Last but not least for my Week 2 review of the Skins game are the FANS!!! Y'all represented to the fullest in LA on Sunday. Those of us watching at home were extremely appreciative! We could definitely hear y'all!

Onto Week 3, Skins vs Raiders at FedEx Field for Sunday Night Football. If we play four quarters with a high level of intensity, aggression, and grit, we can get this done. Two things off the break we do not need: 1) Marshawn Lynch getting his groove on on our sideline and 2) Bashaud Breeland ending up on anymore highlight reels with a RB or WR jumping over him. #notupinFedEx

Until next time...enjoy the rest of your day!

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