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Redskins Week 2 in LA

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm nervous about the Redskins vs Rams game today. I am unashamed and unapologetic about my nerves. Here's the thing, during preseason, I would continuously hear "It's just preseason." After Week 1, I'm hearing "It's just Week 1." While all of this is true, one obvious problem for me is that the same challenges in preseason, were the same challenges in Week 1. I can't help but to think the same challenges from Week 1, just might be the same challenges in Week 2. I am not at all a pessimist. I like to think of this as more managing my expectations. However, I think us Redskins fans have dealt with enough of the negativity from Week 1. I don't want to re-hash all of that. Here are some bright spots that I hope we see today and continue to see throughout the season. In no particular order:

1) Zach Brown. OH he just made my heart smile throughout the game last week. He plays with alot of heart and grit. I absolutely cannot get enough of it.

2) Ryan Kerrigan. Three INTs in his awesome career and all for TDs. We need more of those from him. What a way for the veteran to get his team pumped with the first TD for us this season.

3) Kendall Fuller. I SEE YOU! The growth in this guy has been tremendous. Looking forward to what he has to offer the squad this season.

4) Bashaud Breeland. Peeped him too. He certainly held his own in the backfield. Loved it!

5) DJ Swearinger. Everybody needs a DJ Swearinger on their squad to get pumped. AMAZING ability to connect with his teammates and keep the positive energy going. He wants to win and we need that level of intensity on every play. He brings it each and every time.

6) Chris Thompson. He showed such great heart and toughness on that TD last week. A moment I genuinely smiled while watching. He's been through alot and yet he brings the noise every time he steps on the field. We need that edge. We need that toughness. Keep it coming.

7) Ryan Grant. In full transparency, I never gave him too much respect. He made me question myself on that last week. He was the only consistent WR we had on the field. Looking forward to seeing more of his talent on the field.

8) Disappointment. This is going to sound strange but I noticed the disappointment in the entire team in the Week 1 loss. For me, that's a positive. The desire to win and be better IS there. We're not going to win them all but at least the desire is there to win. I feel confident that we will see a higher level of play this week.

Today is not going to be easy. Our former Offensive Coordinator as head coach of the Rams and that Wade Phillips defense looks totally legit. Guess we will find out in a few hours, if they are the real deal and how we measure up against them.

Nonetheless and as always....#HTTR

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