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NFL Week 4 Recap!!!!

Happy Monday All!

I know there's one more game left for NFL Week 4. Since Monday Night Football includes my Skins, that recap will be separate this week. I couldn't wait anyway to tell you what I think after Week 4.

- Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers. That is never going to change.

- Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. That is something else that is never going to change. Why people tried to shade him because he's 40 years old is beyond me. Age ain't nothing but a number!!

- The Patriots defense is not good. They are flat out bad. I wouldn't be surprised if Belichick starts calling all the defensive plays.

- Isn't Larry Fitzgerald just a gift? Every team should have a Larry Fitzgerald. He constantly proves why he is one of the best in the league and he always shows up when needed. He's tremendously dependable time and time again. The Cardinals overall seems to be off to a slow start. Takes the Cardinals a bit to get going but I definitely still see some fire in those guys.

- Now, the 49ers on the other hand. In all fairness, they've come close to winning these last two games. I felt a little bad for Kyle Shanahan. He appeared to be frustrated for sure after that loss. I would be too if my team was 0-4. It's just not happening for the 49ers right now.

- Hey Super Cam!!! Welcome back buddy!! We knew you were still there! Congratulations on 50 rushing TDs. You're certainly amongst hall of famers with that new stat on your resume. I hope you stay with us for the rest of the season. Excellent way to show you are still exactly who we know you are vs the Patriots in Foxboro. You got it done yesterday!

- DESHAUN WATSON. 57 Points. Can you say incredible??? This guy is the face of the Houston Texans no doubt about it. I have been rooting for this kid for so long and he's taking this league by storm 4 weeks in! He's got the team behind him and I don't know about yall but I'm a fan and am certainly behind him. Big things in store for the Texans with this powerhouse running the offense.

- Marcus Mariota is still one of my faves. Yes, the Titans got trampled yesterday but don't count them out. I hope Mariota's hamstring injury isn't too bad.

- The Buffalo Bills are clearly a team we need to keep our eye on. Last week the Broncos, this week the Falcons. They gotta be for real if they beat those two teams. Technically it is still very early in the season but it is safe to say, they have made a good impression so far.

- It was tough for the Falcons to lose both Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu in yesterday's game. Very tough. I hope they are ok. Healing prayers sent their way

- Hey Le'Veon. Is that you??? Yes, it most certainly was him yesterday!! I guess he has gotten out the preseason kinks in the first three games but now he is back! Looking forward to more of Le'Veon Bell as the season goes forward.

- Big Ben Roethlisberger is looking a little tired there. I saw Antonio Brown was upset yesterday but the Steelers got the win. If Big Ben is as tired as he looks, he's gotta use all of his weapons accordingly. Antonio Brown is one of the best, if not the best in the league. Get that man the ball.

- Joe Flacco. I don't know. Literally that's what I have in my notes to write. I don't know. *shrugs*

-Shout out to Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings. I hate to see any player go down. Healing prayers sent his way.

- Nice to see Jay Cutler is still.....Jay Cutler.

- SURPRISE!!! The New York Jets are 2-2 just like the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. Who would've thunk it??? The Jets were projected to be the worst team in the league. Right now, they clearly are not.

- Another SURPRISE!!!! The New York Football Giants are 0-4. When you see Eli Manning rushing for a TD, then you know this guy is trying to get a win! I was like well you go Eli!!! That Odell Beckham Jr is a tough guy. I feel like he went to the sideline in pain four different times late in the game and still came out there making a positive impact. He's clearly playing through some pain. Not sure what's going on with the Giants but something is off. I have no idea what it is but maybe it will come together for them at some point.

- About the LA Rams. Sean McVay has something special brewing over there! I'm glad my Skins got past them but it is something special brewing for sure. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley looks like totally different players out there. It's great to watch. Teams have to look out for that Todd Gurley hurdle!!! I think that's his signature move or something.

- Is the Legion of Boom back??? They've been looking a little rusty but were clearly in full effect for Sunday Night Football. The offense was back in action as well. Healing prayers to Seattle running back Chris Carson.

- Who is Denver Broncos AJ Derby??? I guess he made us remember him a bit with that excellent one handed catch against the Raiders!

For the 0-4 teams and their fans keep yall head up!

Let me shift gears to Monday Night Football. Redskins vs Chiefs. I hope it's a great one!

Until next time...enjoy the rest of your day!

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